Building Up Heat Pump Contractor Networks: Lessons Learned from Massachusetts, Maine, and New York

May 22, 2024

Easy access to qualified contractors is key to scaling up residential heat pump use. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it can be very difficult for consumers – even those highly committed to transitioning to high-efficiency, electric heating – to find a knowledgeable and skilled contractor. How can we transform the market to address this problem and make real progress toward New Jersey’s goal to electrify 400,000 residences by 2030?

We can start by learning from neighboring states who have made impressive headway on electrification.

This webinar will feature speakers with expertise on New York’s, Maine’s, and Massachusetts’s residential contractor programs. They will speak to successes won and obstacles overcome in their programs, sharing lessons learned that other states can draw upon to formulate plans that work for them.

The webinar is geared towards state energy officials in any state considering how to scale up electrification, industry players looking to grow their businesses, and advocates working to advance building decarbonization.


Matthew Christie
Director — Energy Efficiency, Electrification, and Decarbonization, TRC

Peter Donati
Regional Vice President, ABCO HVACR Supply + Solutions

Dana Fischer
Senior Director of Regulatory Strategy, Mitsubishi Electric

Stan Orzechowski
Vice President, Ben’s ProServ; President, NJACCA


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