Webinar: Building Codes & Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania

Building Codes & Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania

November 1, 2023

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Featuring Jeaneen Zappa (Energy Efficiency Alliance), Mike Turns (Performance Systems Development) and Heather Cowley (PA DEP).

Traditional building codes have long focused on protecting occupants from fire, flooding, and collapse, while energy code adoption and enforcement have often lagged behind. The latest International Energy Conservation (IEC) code, however, sets the stage for higher performance in new construction and major building retrofits.

The Inflation Reduction Act offers $330 million in grants to states and local governments that adopt the latest energy codes meeting or exceeding the latest standards—plus double that for stretch codes aiming for Net Zero. While New Jersey is poised to snag its share of cash with its adoption of the 2021 IECC, Pennsylvania’s Review and Advisory Council is still working to move beyond its current bellwether: the 2018 IECC.

Join the Energy Efficiency Alliance to hear from building code experts at PA DEP and Performance Systems Development as they evaluate Pennsylvania’s current code landscape. They’ll highlight the shifts required by the newer standards and the exciting grants already awarded to the PA Department of Environment Protection to invest in training building code officials. Learn how they’re thinking about building benchmarking and building performance standards as a lever for change.

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