2021 Energy Efficiency Champions

2021 Energy Efficiency Champions

KEEA - Outstanding Public Servant

Representative Dianne Herrin, 156th District/Chester County

Representative Herrin has used her professional experience in the EE industry, her background as the mayor of West Chester, PA, and her current position as an elected official to elevate the profile of energy efficiency in the Commonwealth, particularly through her bold and tireless advocacy for Pennsylvania’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

Rep. Herrin lent her time and her powerful voice to the fight for RGGI this spring as the featured speaker in a KEEA-hosted press conference on RGGI, featuring KEEA members and other clean energy business advocates. Rep. Herrin has been a strong advocate for RGGI—and the hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue it could deliver to the our industry in PA.

EEA-NJ - Outstanding Public Servant

Senator Bob Smith, 17th Legislative District

Senator Smith has been an energy and environmental champion in Trenton for decades. He is currently the chair of the Senate Environment and Energy Committee.

 During his public service, Senator Smith has stood out as a champion for energy efficiency. He has consistently been willing to collaborate with advocates and issue experts outside of his immediate voting constituency when those collaborations can help create good policy and serve his state on the whole. In so doing, he has become a deeply valued and respected public servant to those who advance solid energy and environmental policy in New Jersey.

Outstanding KEEA Member

DMI Companies

DMI Companies is a manufacturer of H-VAC products primarily for the commercial building industry.  You’ll find at least some of their products on nearly every commercial building in the country.

Because it’s so easy for policymakers who are more unfamiliar with our industry to connect the dots between saving money, cutting pollution, and creating jobs with a company that makes stuff, like DMI, KEEA frequently calls on DMI to engage with policymakers to demonstrate the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk in our industry. DMI picks up the phone every time. The DMI team has lent us invaluable access to their expertise, their resources, and their time outside of their day jobs to advance our organizational priorities.

Outstanding EEA-NJ Member


As a home wellness company on a mission to make homes healthy, comfortable, and cleaner for the planet, Sealed has demonstrated a level of engagement with our organization that shows not only their commitment to their own mission, but a commitment to helping the energy efficiency industry thrive and grow in New Jersey. From robust participation in our member meetings down to their willingness to lend our policy staff their strong technical expertise when we need it most, Sealed has become an invaluable member of our organization and a fantastic partner to work with to advance our mutual goals.